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18th June 2024 

About counselling

When you feel out of step with yourself or others, having counselling with an experienced professional can help. I provide space and time for you. Where you can talk through the feelings/issues that are troubling you and/or getting in the way of you relating to others. I will listen in confidence to what you say, without judgement, only asking questions to ensure that I understand. Together we will explore the things that concern you, until you have a better understanding of yourself and can make the choices and relationships that you want.

When can counselling help?

Counselling can help with difficult emotions like loss, loneliness, anxiety, stress, addictions including eating disorders and depression.

Counselling can also help couples develop a better understanding of each other which can lead to improved communication between you both.

Counselling also offers support through life’s challenges for example: ‘coming out’, bereavement, redundancy, moving to a new country, an affair, living with or caring for someone with a long term illness and surviving physical/sexual/emotional abuse including domestic violence. Helping you come to terms with what has happened and finding ways forward.

What are the benefits?

Counselling helps you to, understand yourself better, develop better communication, recognise and change patterns of behaviour.

For couples, counselling provides a safe space to talk through issues, which can improve communication between you, which can lead to greater intimacy or can help with making decisions.